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    We at GWOT (Guidewire Online Training) are Authorized Training Partner with Guidewire. Guidewire all Modules training are structured as per Guidewire Education course curriculum.

    We covers all topics that will be asked in Guidewire Certification exams. We are assosciated with Fiest Tech who's a Pioneer Training Insitiute on various Insurance platform.

    Guidewire training includes Guidewire Software and their respectve modules like Guidewire Policy Center, Claim Center and Billing Center etc.


    Why Learn Guidewire ?

    Guidewire is a Niche SkillSet.Guidewire Software have been implemented by 400+ biggest Insurance Careers worldwide. With Guidewire Skill you'll have chance to work for all these Insurance Giants or Can work with their Offshore world wide Implementation Partners.

    We offer BEST Certified Guidewire Trainers who can assist you in learning this exemplary skill and grab opportunities for high paying Jobs. We Provide BEST Guidewire Training, Guidewire tutorials and cover all you need to learn about Guidewire Education. Our trainings are Job Oriented !

    Guidewire Insurance Suite !!!

    Policy Centre

    Billing Centre

    Claim Centre

    Digital Portal

    Data Hub

    Info Centre



    Trending Guidewire Courses

    What our learners have to say.

    Learner user

    Sameer Jain

    New York City Metropolitan Area


    Program Management || Guidewire Consultant

    Training Feedback

    I have enrolled for Guidewire Claim Center Course as a Business Analyst. This training helped me learn Guidewire Insurance Suite in a very simple and effective way helped me crack my Guidewire BA Consultant interview. Guidewire Online Training team is highly professional in deliverying their committed training course content. I would highly recommned this training platform for people willing to learn Guidewire as their core skillset.

    Skills Learned
    • Claim Center BA Basics
    • Claim Center Functionality
    • Claims Exposure, Reserver and check issuance
    • Claim Center Business Use Cases
    Learner user

    Rejean Paquet

    Saint John's, Florida, United States


    Manager at Capgemini

    Training Feedback

    I enrolled from a colleagues reference for Guidewire Policy Center Course. A great course, perfectly planned and supremely executed. From Guidewire training team have acquainted with Policy Center Configuration and Integration basics. Implemented all the technical changes on the shared Virtual Machine. It's a complete Hands On Training and can say have learned with real time use cases. A great course to learn this rare skill. Highly recommended.

    Skills Learned
    • Config Fundamental
    • Integration Fundamentals
    • GOSU Programming
    • Product Model Configuration
    • Ratin Engine Integration
    Learner user

    Sugumar Balan

    Chennai, TamilNadu, India


    Guidewire PolicyCenter Developer at HTC


    A Great Course and Highly Professional Team. I have joined as a Fresher and have no prior knowledge on Guidewire. Have learned the pre-requisites of Insurance Domain. Learned GOSU Programming with hands on practices. Team has helped me learn all the Basics of Technical and Functional aspects of Policy Center. Support team has helped me prepare Resume and shared some interview questions. Helped me placed with Big 4 firm. Much Thanks to the Team.

    Skills Learned
    • Config Fundamental
    • Policy Center Functional
    • Integration Fundamentals
    • Business Use Cases Impl
    • Policy Renewal, Txs...

    Guidewire Online Training | Training for Professionals

    Guidewire Configuration And Integration

    Guidewire provides a ready-made solution which offers most of the insurance domain functionalities in the base/vanila application.

    Configuration Fundamentals:

    1. Configuration Intro, Guidewire Data Model creation, Creating Entities, Extending Entities and BEST Practices, Typelist, Filter and Subtypes.

    2. Guidewire UI Architecture, Atomic Widgets, Detail View, List View, Editability of UI Screens.

    3. UI Modes, Locations Intro, Hands on expeience with creating PopUp, Exit Points and WorkSheets.

    4. GOSU Intro, Arrays, Business Rules, Enhancements, PCF Methods, Script Parameters, Dependent Dropdowns.

    Integration Fundamentals:

    1. Fundamentals Intro, GOSU Introduction, GOSU Basics, GOSU Queries, GOSU Bundles, Plugins

    2. Intro to WebServices in Guidewire, Publishing WebServices (OutBound Webservices), Consuming Web Services (Inbound WebServices)

    3. Intro to Messaging, Creating Messaging Triggers, Generating Payloads (Template or GX Models), Message Table, Writing Request,Transport and Reply Plugins

    Application Fundamental

  • Policy Centre Functional: Introduction to Account and Policy File Creation, Policy Submission FA(Full Application Quote & QQ (Quick Quote), Policy Transactions, Product Model changes, PC Configuration, UW Authority, Validation Rules, Policy Rating Engine Configuration.

  • Claim Center Functional: Intro to Claim File, FNOL(First Notice of Loss), Claim Transactions, Claim LOB Typelists, Claim Exposure, Reserves , Recovery Reserve, Claim Incidents, Claim Cheque Payment, Claim Matter, Claim Contact Roles Configuration.

  • Billing Functional Includes: Intro to Billing Lifycycle, Billing Payment Method and Processing, Billing Invoice, Charges, Payment Plan, Delinquency Plan, Commision Plan, Billing Disbursement, Unapplied Fund, Invoice LifuCycle, Billing Batch Processes
  • Post Training Support

    1. Resume Preparation:- We Will help you prepare a professional Resume with Guidewire as a SkillSet.

    2. Interview Questions :- We Will share some common Interview Questions asked in one-to-one interviews.

    3. Real Time Hands on Projects:- Will share some real time Story Cards / Projects for Implementation, Can use same for sharing Industry Experience with your Interviewer.

    4. Sharing Job Opportunities:- Since we have some collaboration and have our references which keep updating us for possible job opportunites with Guidewire varios modules. We will keep you update with latest Job Openings.

    After completion of training we support for any doubts or clarifications. You will be part of our dedicated whatsapp group and can use that for any queries and concerns.

    Module Specific Hand On

    In Application Specific Support for all 3 Modules. With High Level Application Specific Detailed Demonstration.

    1. Policy Centre Live URL:- Can Practice with a Live Server URL, which allows you to login to direct Latest Policy Centre application version and do real time hands on exercises on Guidewire Version 10.

    2. Claim Centre Live URL:- Can Practice with a Live Server URL, which allows you to login to Latest Claim Centre application versio and do hands on practical exercises.

    3. Billing Centre Live URL:- Can Practice with a Live Server URL, which allows you to login to Latest Billing Centre application version and do real time hands on exercises.

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    We specialise in Guidewire !!!. We are providing Guidewire training across all of its Modules. We believe in learnig by doing it yourself. Our trainings are designed to let you pick the basics, know the concepts and theory AND starts learning by implementing business use cases. Happy Learning !!!

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