About Us

We at GWOT(Guidewire Online Training) aim at providing BEST Guidewire Training at reasonable prices. We help working professionals and some newbies on Guidewire to get their fundamentals right and to grow in their Insurance domain experience with Guidewire Softwares.

We have numerous accolades for our Training Program, and helping people to get Jobs with Guidewire Softwares.

We Support onboarding participants on Guidewire platform and provide assistance in their day to day work on all modules on Guidewire.

7 years in business
3,5k+ copies sold
85% happy customers

Why Choose GWOT (Guidewire Online Training)?

We specialise in Guidewire that too only in Guidewire. We are providing Professional Training on all of Guidewire Modules. We are the group of Guidewire developers (Working professionals with Guidewire). You can trust us to provide the best on the Job training. We can give you complete hands on training in the reasonable prices. We Offer Access to all the Guidewire Softwares and Material via VM (Virtual Machine) . You can take VM access for sometime and prepare and do hands on practice on Guidewire Applications

We also share VM access for extended months for your thorough hands on Exercises, and real time scenarios. We also train people on Gosu programming language, and help participant for their interview preparations. A complete Guidewire from a novice to a Guidewire professional.

Our team

Creative Minds, People who bleeds Insurance

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Chief Guidewire Architect

Jerome Guionnet

I am Chief Technical Architect at Guidewire Softwares and have been part of Course Curriculum designer team

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Business Owner - Guidewire Software

Tom DiMarco

I am the Product Owner and drive the Business Requirement. Had few inputs in structuring the Course Content

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Senior Software Engineer at Guidewire Software

Isaac Adams

I am software developer with Guidewire and closely observe the Course Curriculm and the delivery of hands on trainings

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Head of Guidewire Services Center Spain

Gonzalo Garcia Lasurtegui

Heading the Guidewire division at Spain and looks after the deplpoyment in European region.

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