Guidewire Claim Center - Course Demo

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Jerome Guionnet Guidewire Expert 1 year ago
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Guidewire ClaimCenter™ is an end-to-end Claims Management Solution, including Claim FNOL intake, Claims Adjudication processes, and operational reporting.

ClaimCenter™ is a claims management system that covers Claim Incidents, Exposure Creation, Reserve Setup and Claim Financial Transactions. ClaimCenter enables end-to-end claims lifecycle management, including: Claim FNOL and Intake, Intuitive loss-report intake and Advanced adjudication processes.

Guidewire Claim Center course offers an in-depth overview of Claim Center topics including Claim Configuration and Integration, covering all aspects of Claims Data Model, PC System Configuration, Rating Engine and more.

The online course covers all aspects of real time work on Claim Center application with PC specific code changes, config updates, business rules changes, Integration with third party application and more.

This Course will offer comprehensive Claim and Payment Lifecyle and all aspects of Claim Center Industry use cases that will be helpful in your day to day activities while working with Guidewire Claim Center Application.