Guidewire Data Hub - Course Demo

575 Views   Sep 18, 2019
Jerome Guionnet Guidewire Expert 1 year ago
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DataHub unifies, standardizes, validates, and stores data from the typical patchwork of an insurer’s systems and external sources. It allows carriers to create a single version of the truth through a detailed transaction repository where internal and third-party data is subject oriented, conformed, and has common context.

The Guidewire Data Platform captures all Guidewire InsuranceSuite data in near real time with a complete change history and stores it in a data lake.

In addition, the platform leverages a process called data listening which collects vast amounts of technical and behavioral data from a variety of sources at internet scale, including public data, open-source data, proprietary data, and third-party data. The Quote and Buy Portal’s integration with PolicyCenter enables transition from online to customer service representatives and improves speed to market of future changes.