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Jerome Guionnet Guidewire Expert 1 year ago
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Guidewire Business Intelligence helps measure and monitor business performance across your entire operation, empowering your teams to make informed decisions. It also provides comparable peer insurer benchmarks to help you gain a competitive advantage.

Guidewire Info Center Course provides knowledge of the components and features of InfoCenter ETL process and the skills required to successfully extend InfoCenter. It introduces the use of DIAL for loading dimensions and transactional facts. DIAL is a java application that generates SQL to automate various aspects of the load process to reduce the implementation time and costs to add custom entities into InfoCenter.

For claims users, it improves claims efficiency and effectiveness by enabling smart business decisions, such as workflow optimization, inventory management, critical contacts, cycle-time analysis, vendor management, catastrophe management, reserves accuracy, and indemnification. Similarly, for underwriting users, it improves underwriting efficiency and profitability by enabling smart business decisions, such as underwriting submissions processing, conversion analysis, pipeline analysis, as well as balancing team workload, uncovering process bottlenecks, and achieving profitability targets.


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