Frequently Asked Questions

Last modified: September 15, 2020 (view archived versions)

Why Guidewire Online Training ?

Guidewire Online Training is by far the BEST Training Institute on Guidewire All Modules.
It Includes Guidewire Core:

  • Guidewire Policy Center
  • Guidewire Claim Center
  • Guidewire Billing Center
Guidewire Data :
  • Guidewire Data Hub
  • Guidewire Info Center
Guidewire Digital :
  • Guidewire Customer Portal
  • Guidewire Agent Portal
  • Guidewire Service Rep Portal

It is the Only Institute where you can learn across all Modules on Guidewire. As the name sugest it specialise in Guidewire. GWOT (Guidewire Online Training) - Offers training from scratch and covers all real time scenarios and helps their participants to work on real world Guidewire Roles.

Is Programming Knowlegde is required to learn Guidewire ?

Guidewire uses GOSU Programming Language, which is used internally on Guidewire Products.

  • GOSU is influenced with Java, C# and Java Script. So prior Knowlegde of these open source languages will help
  • We Cover detailed training on GOSU from scratch. So anyone with interest can learn this programming language.
  • So, Its a Ready to deploy Product training - Guidewire. Programming knowledge is not a mandate.
  • During training we cover all documents, and practice session to learn GOSU Programming language.
  • GOSU Programming Language Reference Link GOSU URL

Will Mainframe developer experience helps to learn Guidewire ?

Yes, For Professionals migrating from Mainframe to Guidewire. Their prior knowledge to customise an application helps. Most of the companies are migrating from Mainframe applications to Guidewire platform, and the need to learn Guideiwire has become a much mandate. Knowlegde of Mainframe helps as all you need is a Subject knowledge of Guidewire and rest all will be same as Mainframe applications. Plus since it requires minimum coding to customise Guidewire products, it won't take much to learn this niche skillset of Guidewire.

Is this trainig suitable for Business Analysts ?

Yes, Guidewire Moduels are used extensively by Business Analysts. In the training we will be covering functional aspects of Insurance Eco System. Not knowing the product functionally could be bane to everyone on the Implementation team. Business Analysts have to know the OOTB (Out Of The Box) functionality on Guidewire Products End-to-End. Like they should be able to Onboard a New Customer. Issue Policy Submission with desired Coverages by Customer. How the data will be fetched from Billing Center application to process his Premium payment calculations. Followed with Claims processing for the covered losses. A Business Analyst will be well versed post completion of training and can assist organisation to abridge the gaps between existing functionality and Customer Custom requirements.

Will I be able to do Hands On Practice ?

For Hands on Practice on Guidewire, we will provide Virtual Machine access for a month during the training period. Hands on Access is a must, its the best way to learn anything. Plus we highly recommend and provide access to do hands on exercises.

We recommend to extend VM access for another few months. As you need more time to do hands on practice before attempting for Interview on Guidewire. You can practice all Configuration Business use cases hands on practice on Virtual Machine. Can Implement Integration use cases and see for yourself end to end flow on Guidewire Integrations.

Do you provide Job Assistance ?

Yes, We do assess you in your Job Placements. We have our share of accoldaes for over 60% participants placed with firms working on Guidewire. Though we don't guarantee anyone. But we will assist in following:

  • Resume Preparation.
  • Interview Questions
  • Sample Real Time Story cards
  • Job Assistance - On the Job Support
  • Sharing Guidewire Opportunities

How long will I be able to access Recordings ?

You'll be getting lifetime Access of our training recordings. Can refer them once you start working or can refer while attempting for Guidewire Interview.